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Friday Five 6/18

What I made this week One common struggle among my mom clients, who are trying to lose weight, is making healthy meals for themselves that the family can enjoy as well. As moms we tend to prioritize everyone else before our own health goals. Here is one of my favorite quick, healthy, meals that the entire family will enjoy. I use Primal Kitchen marinades and dressings to make life a bit easier.

What I'm Giving Away this Week

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What I Listened to this Week

In this short but very informative episode, Dr. Mark Hyman speaks with Dan Harris about the importance of meditation, and with Dr.BJ Fogg about how to implement this habit into your life. Take aways: being distracted during a meditation is part of the process. Dan Harris compares the act of bringing our mind back to the breath with that of doing bicep curls. Dr. BJ Fogg explains that in order to create a new habit there needs to be a motivation, ability to. do it and a prompt.

What I wrote this week

Meditation is not for everyone! in fact for some, meditation can produce more stress. So how do we mitigate our daily stressors. I cover the concept of getting into a “flow state” here. The good news is it will be something you enjoy

What I am NOT drinking right now: A booze free weekend in NY I recently made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. Although I was only having one to two drinks here and there, I was waking up not feeling well. Most importantly I found that even after one margarita on a Friday night, I had less patience for my kids on Saturday morning. I re-evaluated what is most important to me, and decide to take a little break. What I learned: I do not need alcohol to enjoy a meal, or time with my friends and family. Also that it feels really good to feel great!

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