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I am often asked what my favorite products are in and out of the kitchen. Here are some that are at the top of my list


If you have been following me, you know how much I absolutely LOVE my green smoothies every day. i can not live without my Vitamix.

The perfect vessel for my smoothie, I love these mason jar bottles with the flip top lids.

I absolutely LOVE these measuring spoons for their long handles. They fit into every jar.

This rice cooker is a time saver. Its so simple to use, and makes the perfect rice. I like to add in some dried herbs and spices for maximum flavor.

Although I prefer to use glass as much as possible, it's just not ideal when traveling or going to the gym. This stainless steel water bottle is the Cadillac of water bottles. You won't want to put it down.

I LOVE my air fryer. Not only does it make our family dinners so much faster, but they come out healthier as well. I like this particular one for the setting and the big capacity. I roast an entire chicken in there and it always comes out perfect!

These pans have not let me know. They are nonstick without the hormone disrupting toxins.


Protein powder

I like to keep my protein powder nice and clean. No additives, and definitely no sugar of any kind. My two favorite are PEA PROTEIN and HEMP PROTEIN

Here are functional protein powders that have tons of nutrients added to them, and still no added sweeteners: Tejari (Use code Leeann15) and Philosophie

Salad Dressing/Condiments: 

Primal Kitchen is the cleanest (and most delicious) brand out there. I use the dressings as marinades which saves so much time in the kitchen. Use code LRWELLNESS10 for 10% off


Here are my two favorite super clean cereal brands: Love Bird (Use code LRW for 15% off) and Seven Sundays (use code LRWellness for 30% off)


As a busy mom, I never leave my house with a protein bar in my bag. Most bars are loaded with junkie ingredients. Here are two of my favorite brands that are super clean and will keep you feeling full. Elemental Superfood Bars (use code LRW15 for 15% off) and Gratisfied (Use code LEEANN15). I also really like RxBars


I love buckwheat. It’s a superfood seed that is actually gluten free. PACHA makes a great buckwheat bread, but I absolutely love their buns. They are the perfect vessel for my avocado toast. Use code LRW20.


Most coffee has mold in it. Even some of the expensive higher end brands. Mold can lead to lots of health problems, including brain fog. Fabula is third party tested for mold. It also comes in a variety of options include k-cups.


While I always prefer a home cooked meal, there isn’t always time. I love these two brands for their super clean plant based ingredients. 

Frozen smoothies, flatbreads, bowls, breakfast, and so much more. Use code LEEANN for up to $65 off your purchase.

Organic plant based meals delivered right to your door, ready to eat. Use code XOLRW for 20%


I have been taking SEED probiotic for over 3 years now. Nothing gets the job done like this one. Use code LRW15 to get 15% off your first month.

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