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Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

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Hi, Im Leeann, and I am here for YOU!

Health and wellness can be an incredibly confusing space. We all want to feel “healthy”, but sometimes it is hard to know exactly where to start. Wellness encompasses so many aspects of our lives, we often tend to overlook the whole picture. What might work for one person, may not work for another. That is precisely why “diets” fail. I am here to help, and support you, on YOUR wellness journey. Not only do you deserve to feel happy and energized, but you can do it!

Are you feeling stressed, low energy, overwhelmed by the demands of life, looking to lose weight, or just want to feel more nourished? Together we can uncover your path to feeling your best.

Although I have always gravitated towards health, eating well and exercising, I didn’t fully understand what it truly meant to be “healthy” until I clearly wasn’t. In 2015, after completing culinary school, and pregnant with my first child, I decided to launch a snack food company. I dedicated every minute of my life to it, growing it from a small farmers market stands to Whole Foods and beyond. Four years, and two kids later, I was shutting down. I found myself spinning in circles, constantly stressed, taking it out on my kids, always grazing and not being very kind to myself at all. I could not get a handle on things, or myself, but I knew I should and could feel better. And so I reached out to a health coach! I didn’t even know that such a person existed! And boy was it a life changer for me. Feeling incredible, I decided I wanted to help others get to that same place in their lives.

I received my Functional Medicine Health Coach certification from The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy an affiliate of The Institute of Functional Medicine, a BA in Psychology from The University of Michigan, a Nutritious Life HealthCoach Certification, an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification, and a Culinary Arts degree.

I look forward to getting to know you.

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