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Grilled Chicken Greek Salad

Family Friendly Meal

As a mom of two, and health advocate, I strive for simplicity when it comes to dinner time. If its not easy, it does not stick. While at times I enjoy a complicated recipe, and spending a few hours in the kitchen, week nights are not for that. I need something healthy, quick and that the whole family will enjoy.

I am absolutely LOVING Primal Kitchen marinades and dressings. They are a game changer for me. I use them to marinade chicken, tofu, even shrimp. A marinade often requires a whole grocery list of ingredients. Not only does that get expensive, but it take a lot of time to put together. I rather have one bottle to pour over and stick the meat in the fridge. I also love Primal Kitchen because of how clean their ingredients are!

For this Wednesday night dinner, I simply marinaded some chicken in Primal Kitchen Italian Dressing for a few hours. We grilled the chicken. I put mine over salad, and for the kids over rice. Everyone loved it!

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