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Why Diets Don't Work

If there is one thing that most of my clients have in common, is that they have all tried many many diets. In fact, when they list them off, some I have never even heard off. So what’s the problem? Why out of so many diets have none been effective? Well there are many reasons. Willpower is NOT one of them.

Diets are not created for the individual, but rather are marketed to the masses. Weight loss, the primary goal of most “diets” is not just about the food, nor is it about the food and movement. There is so much more that is not part of the “diet plan”.

The main reason people elect to go on a diet is with a goal to change. Change requires creating new habits, as well as removing the ones that do not work for us. And the key is to start small.

Im going to guess if a diet did work, it was for a short period of time. Long term weight loss requires long term behavior changes. And the GREAT news is that we can all do this. Its just a matter of uncovering what habits we personally need to change and WHY we want to do it?

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