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Sweet Tooth Tamers

While I may be very mindful of sugar, I absolutely love my dessert. In fact, I like to have something sweet after lunch AND dinner. Trust me, you can enjoy something sweet without eating processed sugar, and I am not talking about fruit. While fruit is nature’s candy, it can feel a little boring as a “dessert”. I need something a bit more palatable, possibly chocolatey, and crunchy.

Here are a few of my favorite go-to sweet tooth tamers that have absolutely no processed sugar, and nutrient rich ingredients instead. It's a win win.

TerraNut superfood bite size snacks. My favorite is the Cocao Punch. I love that they are single serving, which makes for easy portion control. And they are absolutely delicious out of the freezer. I have one every single day after lunch Use code LRW25 for 25% of your order

FroozeBalls-Plant Powered Energy Balls. These are so good. They are sweetened with dates, adding fiber and nutrients. They come in a variety of flavors. My favorite is Cocao Hazelnut. It's like chocolate nutella, but that's good for you. They are also available in Trader Joes. Woohoo!

Dairy Harvest Bites: Daily Harvest is known for their ready to blend organic smoothies. And while I am certainly a fan, I actually love their BITES even more. My favorite is the Chocolate Hazelnut. They are so delicious right out of the freezer.

Homemade cookies: If you are in the mood to bake as much as you are in the mood to have something sweet, these three recipes will not disappoint.

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