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One Pan Chicken Fajitas

I am all about quick and healthy meals when it comes to dinner.

Prior to having a kids, I could spend hours in the kitchen exploring new recipes. Culinary school ingrained in me that every meal had to be a fireworks of flavor. I would stress daily on finding the time to create something for my family.

Having a busy schedule, but also wanting to adhere to my health goals, I learned that meals do not have to be that complicated. They need to taste great, yes, but it does not have to be a 5-star restaurant experience every time. What there was no compromising on is that each meal had to be healthy. That means: good quality protein, good quality fat, and veggies.

I found this recipe from Isabel Eats that I absolutely love. 30 minutes Chicken Fajitas

What I love about this recipe

-one pan

-ready in 30 minutes

-checks all my boxes for a healthy dinner

-kids LOVED it too

The leftover chicken is great over a salad the next day.

Comment below with your favorite quick and healthy recipe.

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