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Friday Five 7/9

What I'm focusing on this week:

Rules: When to have them, when to let go

My job as a health coach is to align clients with their long term health goals and then create some actionable steps to get them there. I bridge the gap between where the client currently is and where they want to be. Think about the journey as a rope bridge, with each wooden panel as one small goal towards achieving the main big goal-the other side. Keep reading here

Meal Inspo: What I'm cooking with this week: Spices

I used to find spices extremely intimidating. There are just so many out there. It can get very confusing especially when the flavors are so strong. To simplify things I began by focusing on those herbs and spices that have a functional benefit. For example: Turmeric-anti inflammatory. I started by adding it to my smoothie. I now love it so much, I add it to rice, fish and chicken. This is a great article some of the most nutritious herbs and spices and how to use them.

What I wrote this week:

Hydration, hydration, hydration.

Check out my article in the Daniel Island News on the importance of Hydration here.

What I listened to this week:

Digestion: A Love Story Better with Dr. Stephanie

I absolutely LOVED this episode by Dr. Stephanie. We tend to think that our digestion begis in the mouth, but in fact it actually starts in our heads. It starts when we see the food, when we smell the food, and even when we just think about the food. Our current dining habits of having our meals delivered is actually playing a role in our digestion. Listen here.

What I learned this week:

Exercise and your menstrual cycle: When it comes to fitness, us women should not be doing the same style of workout throughout our entire cycle. Just as our hormones fluctuate and change, so should our movement. This article really breaks it down.

Our female cycle dictates that we do not do the same workout throughout our entire cycle.

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