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Rules: When to have them, when to let go

My job as a health coach is to align clients with their long term health goals and then create some actionable steps to get them there. I bridge the gap between where the client currently is and where they want to be. Think about the journey as a rope bridge, with each wooden panel as one small goal towards achieving the main big goal-the other side.

When we see the journey as this bridge, its clear that sometimes we have to take a step back to regain balance, or we may need to hold on tight to stay on track.

That's how I see those small actionable steps-as mini rules to get to the end. Rules keep us on track, they allow us to be prepared, and mostly they allow us to follow that path to success.

As someone who prefers rules, I have recently found that it is also important to leave room for some flexibility. Flexibility allows us to live in the moment. To feel what we truly want, while also adhering to our goals. Flexibility is the pause on the bridge to take in the view, realign our intentions, and make sure we are still heading in the right direction.

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