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Friday Five 6/25

What I drank this week:

One of my favorite cocktails is the Paloma. Since I recently gave up drinking alcohol, I was so excited to find a non-alcoholic tequila!! Check out how to make a delicious cocktail with this awesome zero proof spirit HERE.

Meal Inspo What I made this week

When I run out of ideas of what to make for dinner, one of my favorite go-to meals is Breakfast for Dinner. Here are a few tips on how to pull together a quick, delicious and healthy meal in less than 20 minutes.

What I learned this week: As women we are told to accept how we feel. Migraines, cramps, late periods, missed periods, it's all just “part of being a woman”. For the last year my cycle has been keeping me in suspense. Turns out I have a “v-sign” which explains a lot of the why behind what I am feeling. Curious about your v-sign, take the quiz here.

What I Listened to this Week

On this amazing mini episode #38 Drhu Purohit speaks with Alisa Vitti and Dr. Stephanie Estima on What Every Woman Needs to Know about Their Infradian Rhythm. As someone that adheres to intermittent fasting and does HIIT workouts all month long, I found this information incredibly eye opening. Women are not the subject of studies done in both regards, and so the data does not always apply. We have to take our hormones into consideration.

What I did for ME this week:

I have been incredibly sleep deprived lately. I adhere to my sleep hygiene, but it turns out my hormones are getting the best of me lately. More on that soon.

Although I typically have the mindset to just go go go, I realized that if I didn’t take a break, I would run out of gas-just like a car. Keep reading here on why it's important to listen to our bodies and not ignore the signs.

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