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Breakfast for Dinner!

One of my favorite go to family meals is "Breakfast for Dinner". It never fails, its easy to pull together in less than 20 minute, doesn't require much planning, and most importantly healthy!

Some evenings I just don't want to cook a traditional meal. We always have eggs in the house, frozen organic chicken breakfast sausage (the one from Costco is my favorite), frozen veggies, bread and avocado.

Breakfast for dinner can vary but here are a few items that can create a meal

-Eggs (scrambled, or hard boils/poached to put on top of toast)

-Sourdough or Gluten Free Bread

-Avocado-to put on that toast

-Smoked salmon

-Breakfast sausage

-Veggies: either a salad, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, or steamed broccoli

-Cut up fruit

A meal should always have a good quality protein, a healthy fat, and veggies. With the items below, that's not too hard to pull together.

Want more tips on how to create delicious healthy meals without the stress.

Join my FREE 5-day Menu Planning Challenge HERE

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