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A Carbolicious Vacation: Italy and Paris

Being kind to myself is not something I have a history of being very good at. In fact, punishment is where my mind usually went, even on vacation. I would panic at the thought of a hotel without a gym, or a morning without a rigorous workout. How else can I enjoy the wining and dining without running for 45 minutes on a boring treadmill?

Turns out there is a better way.

Last week my family and I enjoyed an incredible vacation in Europe. We spent one week in Praiano (a small town on the Amalfi coast), and three days in Paris. This was the first time our kids crossed the pond with us too.

In Italy our days consisted of 3 hour meals, which added up to 6 hours of sitting, eating, and drinking. All of our meals included delicious bread, fried seafood, and pasta. We did not have a gym at our Villa, but we were situated in the mountains, which allotted for some great uphill walking.

In Paris, even though our hotel did have a gym, this was the first time I traded in the treadmill for more time exploring the city. Our meals always started with bread and butter, and lots of shellfish. Contrary to popular belief French food is not all butter and heavy sauces. Although there are plenty should that be your wish.

So how with all that food, and no gym, did I still feel great in my body on the flight home?

Here’s the trick: MOVE SMARTER, NOT HARDER

I packed 2lb ankle weights, which I used for a gentle 15 minute virtual pilates class almost every morning. In Italy, I would start the day with a 20 minute hike with my husband, enjoying nature while getting my heart rate up a little. I also made sure to walk after every meal, even our dinners which would sometimes end at 11pm. In Paris, we walked everywhere!! One of the days we logged 9 miles. I am still amazed with my 5 and 7 year olds as they kept up with us (with some complaining of course)

I recently began exploring with being kinder to my body…

GENTLE vs INTENSE Workouts & the Pre menopausal Female Body

As my body changes, I am adapting to a new workout routine. The cortisol spikes I used to endure with hour long HIIT classes no longer serve me. In fact, they do the opposite. They make me more anxious, hungry, irritable, and inflamed. Inflammation is often mistaken for weight gain.

I find that I feel my best when I am more kind to my body. I still run and do strength training each twice per week, but now I also walk as much as my schedule permits, especially for 15 minutes after dinner.

Bonus: Connecting with nature lowers the stress response in our bodies, which is always great for digestion and a less bloated body.

Europe was amazing, but I was super excited to return to my morning spirulina smoothie. Personalized balance.



P.S. Is your workout routine working for you, or against you? How does it make you feel before, during, and after? Schedule a FREE wellness consultation, and let’s come up with a great plan personalized to YOU! Grab your spot on my calendar HERE.

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