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Routine, Routine, Routine

When I had my first child, my older brother who already had two, gave me one piece of advice.

His exactly words were: “ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE”

Almost 7 years later, I am still grateful almost every day for what I realize saves me on a daily basis. My kids are routined little soldiers when it comes to bed time. It's not always easy, but they are always sleeping by 730/8p, which gives me a few hours to myself to regain my sanity.

How does this relate to feeling bloated? What if you treated your body, the way you treat your kids.

We strive for our kids having routines, but somehow completely neglects ours. We forgo what we know is vital to our health, when we would never do that when it comes to our children. We praise our kids for doing a good job, but rarely appreciate our own hard work.

A routine is key when it comes to our health goals. Those daily habits are what keeps us consistent.

Feeling bloated SUCKS!! I spent most of my life trying to have a flat belly.

Now I have a daily routine that keeps me feeling great.

Here is my morning routine.

  1. SEED probiotic on an empty stomach. I keep it on my nightstand so I never forget to take it.

  2. A short meditation, even if it's just a few breaths. Anything counts!!

  3. Warm water with apple cider vinegar. I love how this combo tastes.

  4. Movement-my daily workout is what keeps my body feeling great and my mind sane. Even 10 minutes counts.

  5. Athletic Greens. This is the ultimate multivitamin.

  6. A healthy breakfast: smoothie, chia pudding, english muffin with nut butter, overnight oats.

That’s it!

Talk soon,


P.S. Routines are amazing. I help busy overwhelmed moms create their own. Curious what your day can look like. Schedule a free wellness consultation today!

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