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Quick Lunch Wrap

While dinner is not always planned in my house, breakfast and lunch are very much predictable. I keep a few items in stock at all times so that I am never strangling to find a healthy option.

Here is one of my absolutely favorite lunches. It's quick, easy, delicious and most importantly nutritious!!


Siete Almond Flour Wrap*

Arugula, and/or



Soft (or hard) boiled eggs

Topping options:

Hot sauce

Everything but the bagel seasoning

Hemp seeds

Sesame seeds

  1. Reheat the tortillas either in a toaster oven or on a pan. I actually stuck these briefly into a toaster (not oven).

  2. Build your wrap: tortilla, spinach/arugula, tomato, avocado, sliced soft boiled eggs, sea salt.

  3. Add optional toppings. If adding everything but the bagel seasoning, do not add the sea salt flakes

  4. Take Three Deep Breaths and enjoy mindfully

When it comes to my meals, I have a few easy (and always healthy) go-to options. No matter what life may throw my way, I can rely on these simple options to satisfy my hunger and nurture my body.

Are you interested in creating your own personalized go-to list? Schedule a FREE consultation HERE.

*I LOVE Siete. They use the cleanest ingredients. I buy their chips, tacos, and wraps.

Use Code LRW25 for 25% off

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