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Probiotics and Weight Management

Probiotics! The word is everywhere these days. What are they?

Probiotics are good live bacteria that we obtain from certain foods, as well as supplements. 

Probiotics support our gut health in many ways. The right probiotics can help with digestive health issues by providing the the right bacteria to support the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients.

Our immune system starts in the gut. Taking specific probiotics can be helpful for not only our digestive health, but our overall well being as well. Some strains of probiotics are so specific that they can help with relieving chronic sinus infections.

Here is another reason to add probiotics to your daily wellness routine. Recent research has shown that probiotics are actually helpful with weight loss, reducing body fat, and preventing weight gain. Although further research is needed, there is evidence to support that taking a probiotic can directly support a healthy weight.

Some of these good bacteria prevent the absorption of fat, increasing the amount that is excreted, and in turn reducing the amount of calories the body is holding on to. These probiotics release hormones that help burn fat and calories, decreasing stored fat. 

There are many species of probiotics. The two that are associated with weight loss are the bacteria in the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium family.

Life style factors play a big role in maintaining a healthy weight. However, a probiotic can play a supportive role.

As with all supplements, it is important to make sure that the probiotics do not have any harmful additives. It is also vital that they come in a form that our body can absorb.

There are two probiotics that I recommend to my clients: Klaire Labs Ther Biotic Complete, and SEED. I personally have been taking SEED for over two years. As an affiliate of the brand, I am excited to share a discount for your first month’s subscription. Code: LRW15 

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