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My morning routine

One question I get asked pretty often is about my morning routine. Most people are shocked to hear that I naturally wake up before 6:30am feeling completely rested. To be honest, I love my morning routine so much, I actually go to bed looking forward to it.

Here is what's happening over here:

  1. I wake up any time between 5:15 and 6:30am (usually closer to 5:15)

  2. Brush my teeth with Rise Well Toothpaste

  3. Take my SEED probiotic (I have been taking this one for 3 years now) with two big glasses of water. I have tried other probiotics and none work to create regularity like this one. Use code LRW15

  4. Do my 20 minute Transcendental Meditation. (Unless it is interrupted by one of my kiddies)

  5. Journal for 2 minutes

  6. Make a cup of half caff Fabula coffee.

  7. Pack the kids lunches, make them breakfast

  8. Workout (Everyday!)

  9. Shower

  10. Have breakfast

  11. Get to work

It may seem like a lot, but these habits were not all created in one day. I started with one and built upon them. Now, I can go through my morning with my eyes closed. But I prefer to keep them open.

Do you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? I promise it can be easier than it seems.

Schedule a FREE wellness call today, and let’s get you excited for your day the way I do for mine. Book a spot HERE.

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