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My Favorite Kitchen Tools, Gadgets and Pantry Items

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

There are certain kitchen tools, and pantry items, that make staying healthy easier!

Here are my absolutely favorites, can't live without them, kitchen tools, gadgets and pantry items.

Bonus: They make for GREAT GIFTS too!


If you have been following me, you know how much I absolutely LOVE my green smoothies every day. i can not live without my Vitamix.

Mason Jar Smoothie Bottle & Lids

The perfect vessel for my smoothie, i love these mason jar bottle with the flip top lids.

Measuring spoons

I absolutely LOVE these measuring spoons for their long handles. They fit into every jar.

Black + Decker Rice Maker

This rice cooker is a time saver. Its so simple to use, and makes the perfect rice. I like to add in some dried herbs and spices for maximum flavor.

Air Fryer

I LOVE my air fryer. Not only does it make our family dinners so much faster, but they come out healthier as well. I like this particular one for the setting and the big capacity. I roast an entire chicken in there and it always comes out perfect!

Bamboo Plates & Cups

I try to limit plastic as much as I can. These plate and cups are my go to for my kids. They can sustain high heat without emitting chemicals. And of course dishwasher safe.

Glass Water Bottle

I am all about hydration! I love, and have recommended this bottle to so many of my clients. It has hourly measurements to make staying accountable easy.

Workout Water Bottle

Although I prefer to use glass as much as possible, it's just not ideal when traveling or going to the gym. This stainless steel water bottle is the Cadillac of water bottles. You won't want to put it down.

Dish-washing Gloves

Do I love washing dishes? No!

But given that its not an option, I protect my hands with these super soft and comfy gloves. I have tried many brands, this one is by far my favorite.


These pans have not let me know. They are nonstick without the hormone disrupting toxins.


Detox and Digest

I love this green powder in my smoothie as I am always trying to support my body's detoxification.

Protein Powders

I keep it clean with just one ingredient, and rotate them daily



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