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Healthy Travel Snacks

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Tis the season! For long travels, traffic, and flight delays. In my effort to avoid a bout of the hangries, I always have a snack or two in my bag. Here are a few of my favorite non-perishable snacks that I stack up on for myself and/or my kiddies.

4. Bars: I am LOVING Elemental Superfood (you can use code LRW for 10% off).

5. Seaweed snacks

13. Cereal! My two faves are

Seven Sundays Code: LRWELLNESS for 30% off your order.

Love Bird Food Code LRW10 for 10% off.

Cut up apples and carrots are also a great add on, if you are not traveling too far.

Safe Travels & Happy Holidays!

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