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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays can be STRESSFUL!!

When I asked my clients what part stresses them out the most, across the board the answer was GIFTS!!

Below are some of my absolute favorite wellness items that make for AMAZING GIFTS!!

Best part, there is no need to leave the house. You can just order them right online.

(Tip: Save the ones you love and wait for the Black Friday deals to buy them)

Charcuterie Board + Boards & Platters Book: The ultimate combo. I have already purchased these for a few of my friends. It’s always a hit. They get a board, and a book that shows them how to create beautiful platters and boards on their board.

Vitamix If you have been following me, you know how much I absolutely LOVE my green smoothies every day. i can not live without my Vitamix.

Measuring spoons I absolutely LOVE these measuring spoons for their long handles. They fit into every jar. (Great as a Stocking Stuffer)

Black + Decker Rice Maker This rice cooker is a time saver. Its so simple to use, and makes the perfect rice. I like to add in some dried herbs and spices for maximum flavor.

Air Fryer I LOVE my air fryer. Not only does it make our family dinners so much faster, but they come out healthier as well. I like this particular one for the setting and the big capacity. I roast an entire chicken in there and it always comes out perfect!

Water Bottle Although I prefer to use glass as much as possible, it's just not ideal when traveling or going to the gym. This stainless steel water bottle is the Cadillac of water bottles. You won't want to put it down.

Pans These pans have not let me down. They are nonstick without the hormone disrupting toxins.

Little Whisk: One of those items that once you have you can’t live without. I use it to make chia pudding, overnight oats, and even a “flax egg”. My kids use it for when they are helping out in the kitchen. GREAT Stocking Stuffer!

French Press: For anyone that loves their coffee with style, this is a perfect gift. This one is not made out of glass, so there is no worrying about it breaking.

Lil Bucks Everything Toppers : My newest obsession, and the PERFECT Stocking Stuffer! This little jar can go a long way. If you love Trader Joes everything bagel topping, this one will blow your mind. The roasted buckwheat groats at an extra crush as well as load of nutrients.

Numi Tea Sampler : Not all tea is created equal. Numi is a clean brand with a variety of flavors. This particular sample is their “mood sampler”, which makes for a cute and funny gift.

Casper Pillow: Once you casper, you do not go back. I have been using casper pillows for years. They have significantly improved the quality of my sleep. I even bring my pillow with me when I travel if I know that I can’t count on the quality of the one at my destination.

Bala Weighted Bangles : Not only are they cute, but they are so comfy! I use these when I do pilates. They add a little extra punch to my workout. Also great to strap on your ankles when going out for a walk.

Buckwheat Meditation Cushion For anyone that is getting into the meditation game, or has been there for a while. A cushion can be the ultimate ticket for a consistent practice. When you look forward to your seat, you are more likely to sit!

Essential Oil Diffuser + Organic Essential Oils : I received this gift from my sister in law a few years ago, and I have not stopped using since. I love a little lavender when I am about to go to sleep, or peppermint when I need a little boost of energy. A beautiful gift for anyone.

Dry Brush: Detoxing does not have to start in January. Its something we can do year round. A dry brush gets the blood flowing and increases your energy. Its been known to help with knee and joint pain, and even constipation. Great Stocking Stuffer

Plant Based Woman Warrior Cookbook: There is no shortage of cookbooks in my kitchen. I absolutely love this new addition. The recipes are simple and come out delicious. In fact, one of them was the inspiration for my recent obsession with fry pan granola.

When all else one has ever not liked a GIFT CARD!

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