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Friday Five- May 21, 2021

What I made this week

In case you missed it, I made these absolutely delicious and super simple Buckwheat Banana Muffins. They are made without any added sugar (just bananas) using the super nutrient dense buckwheat flour. Check out my quick video on how to whip these up in less than 45minutes (35 of which is the baking time). Great as a snack or a quick breakfast on the go! Although as a health coach, I advocate for mindful eating while sitting down.

What I read this week

Glucose is a word that gets thrown around pretty often in the health space. That is because glucose plays a vital role in how well, or how poorly, our bodies function. This article really breaks it down and explains how glucose is converted, its relationship with insulin and how it can relate to the onset or prevention of chronic illness such as Type 2 diabetes and even Alzheimers. Small changes in the way we eat, and how we move our bodies, can put us more in control of our long term health goals. 

How I detoxed this week

Just as there are many sources from which toxins enter our bodies, there are also many ways to remove them.Think-toxins we absorb through the environment can be excreted through sweat, toxins from our food, can be extorted through our liver, toxins from stress can be excreted through mediation, gratitude, and journaling. I aim to have at least two ways to detox per day.

Monday: HIIT work out (sweat), Cilantro in my smoothie

Tuesday: Sweathouz inferred sauna, big green salad

Wednesday: HIIT workout (sweat), 30 minute bath

Thursday: Meditation, calling a friend

Friday: Tennis, big green salad

What I drank this week

As much as I love my monster green smoothie, some days I just want breakfast with a bite. On the days when I opt out of my smoothie, I opt in with Athletic Greens! Its a powerhouse powder, that provides me with my body with vitamins and minerals for the day. Super simple-mix with 8oz of water, and enjoy!

What moved me this week

As a health coach, my job is to listen and guide my clients and patients towards their health goals. Although I can provide information when requested, its really more about self discovery and small behavior changes. We have it in us, we just may not know how to tap the well. A patient of mine who has been struggling with ruminating negative thoughts for years, said to me this week…”I started to reframe my thoughts about it, and I feel better”. I could have told her to “reframe her thoughts”, but that would have gotten us nowhere. She had to get to it herself, and she did!

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