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Friday Five May 14

Meal Inspo What I made this week

The weather suddenly dropped here in South Carolina and I felt like warming up with a bowl of home made soup. Prior to having kids, I loved cooking up complicated dishes with an endless ingredients list. But now as I am pressed for time, I like to have quick recipes on hand. I absolutely love Cookie and Kate's Chickpea Noodle soup. The ingredients are so simple, I didn’t have to run to the store. Its also ready in 30 minutes.

What I read this week

I am absolutely loving Upstairs at the White House by J.B. West. While I spend most of my day reading or listening to things on the topic of health and wellness, when I get into bed I like to clear my mind. This book covers the first ladies of the White House from Roosevelt to Nixon, through stories told my the head usher that worked through those terms.

What I listened to this week

I have a major girl crush on Jenn Pike. She is just brilliant in my opinion. I have learned so much from her when it comes to women’s health, and I constantly want to come back for more. I backtracked and listened to episode 82: The root causes of Weight Gain: How to lose weight for the long term. I loved this episode, and I think you will, too.

How I moved this week

Monday: Oscar's 30 min HIIT Class

Tuesday: 60 minute walk outside

Wednesday: Oscar's 55 min Full body strength

Thursday: 30 min low impact Peloton ride + 20 min yoga flow

Friday: 90 minute Tennis Clinic

What moved me this week

Email from my client

"THANK YOU for all your help and guidance the past few months. For the first time in my life, I feel in control of my health and well-being. The term "diet" had such a negative connotation for me, and when you advised not to use the term and not to use the scale, it was an immediate release. The burden of looking a certain way was replaced with the privilege of feeling a certain way. From developing healthy sleep hygiene to eating phytonutrient foods to prioritizing daily devotions , you've taught me ways to nourish my mind, body, and soul. All by making a few simple lifestyle changes! Though I'm still a work in progress, I am mindful of the choices I make regarding health and I'm eager to keep learning more. This journey has totally changed my outlook on health; as a result, I am happier, calmer, and kinder to my kids.

You truly are a gifted health coach. I didn't even fully realize the impact of these super small changes until the last two weeks. That's talent!! :). " -CV

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