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Friday Five 7/2

Meal Inspo: What I am so excited about!!

When it comes to sticking to our health goals, I am all about planning planning planning. Having a good solid plan is a set up for success. A common challenge for some of my clients is menu planning. That is why I created this FREE 5-Day Menu Planning Challenge. Sign up here. It starts in 2 weeks! You do not want to miss out

What I read this week:

I would be lying if this article did not completely bum me out. As someone that constantly strives to be the healthiest and happiest version of herself, I embrace even the most unappealing challenges. I LOVE my cup of coffee in the morning. But I love my sleep, lack of anxiety, energy, and focus more. So with that said...I think its time we bid farewell, in a slow process. As of today, I am drinking 75% decaf, 15% regular.

What I learned this week

As I mentioned before, my cycle has been a bit irregular lately. I have also had crazy insomnia leading up to my period As someone that recognizes the importance of sleep, I have been digging for answers…. Turns out, I may have adrenal fatigue or be entering into perimenopause. As women its important that we do not just accept symptoms as being a female. We deserve to. feel great all the time. I decided to do a hormone test to see whats going on. Stay tuned for that! Are you sticking to a good bedtime routine but still having a hard time sleeping like me….you have to read this!

What I listened to this week:

Are you an all or nothing person? I used to be when it came to my wellness. It was either I had an unhealthy day or a healthy one. One small shift off of my path and I would throw in the towel. A few years ago I had a mindshift that changed my entire outlook. I talk about it here. This audio book was so inline with how I feel, that I literally did a happy dance after listening to it.

What I bought this week:

Its summer, its hot, and hydration is top of mind for me. I am great about drinking water, but sometimes feel like I want to jazz it up. I love Ultima electrolytes. They are great to replenish all those minerals lost in sweat, and they taste great. I am all about no sugar! They use a little bit of stevia. My favorite flavor is Pomegranate

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