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Friday Five 7/16: The Wellness Test

In Functional Medicine, we look at the five pillars of health: Nutrition, Movement, Stress, Sleep & Relationships We can get a big picture of how we are doing in wellness, by ranking where we are at in each one. On a scale of 1-10, where do you rank in each?

NUTRITION On a scale of 1-10 How satisfied are you with the food that you are eating? 10 being optimal/amazing/thriving


On a scale of 1-10 How would you rank your workout routine? 10 being THE BEST, can't get any better

SLEEP On a scale of 1-10 How do you rank your sleep? 10 being: you are getting the quantity (7-8 hours) and quality (waking up feeling rested)

STRESS On a scale of 1-10 How do you rank your stress management? 10 being you are at a spa, getting a massage

RELATIONSHIPS On a scale of 1-10 How do you rank the relationships in our life? 10 being supportive, always there for you

Now add up your score. What's your total number? Curious to know what your number means? Or want to work on increasing it? Lets chat!

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