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Friday Five 6/11

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

What I made this week

Summer means grilling, or at least in our household. While grilled food is often believed to be healthy, the charring of vegetables and proteins actually creates what is called Advanced Glycation End Produce (AGEs). Just as the acronym says, it causes early aging or our cells. There is good news however. By pairing your grilled foods with green leafy vegetables and/or avocado, you can reduce the impact of AGEs. The phytonutrients in these foods move the AGEs out of the body.

What I read this week

NYTimes wrote an amazing article on the importance of health coaching. We Could All Use a Health Coach outlines how health coaches give patients the tools they need to improve their own health and well being. Working with a health coach myself inspired me to become certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. I have seen immense changes in my life as well as with people that I work with.

What I listened to this week

As I myself explore the role of alcohol in my life, this podcast could not have come at a better time. While I have a maximum of two drinks per night, at most two times per week, I am finding that it really does not serve me or my health goals. This is a great episode that explains this “Gray Area” drinker, which I can most definitely identify with.

What I wrote this week

Did you know that meditation can help with weight loss and management. I explain how here.

What I am loving this week

I am all about quick and healthy! I love Primal Kitchen marinades/dressings. The ingredients are super clean and they create the most delicious dishes. This week I marinated some Belcampo chicken breast with Primal Kitchen’s Cilantro Lime marinade. It took zero effort, and the entire family devoured it.


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