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Weight management is a long-term endeavor, not a quick fix or crash diet. At Leeann Rybakov Wellness, experienced board-certified health coach Leeann Rybakov helps her clients discover a new lifestyle, develop discipline, and take control of their weight for great long-term results. Call the office in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York City, or click on the online appointment maker to set up a consultation now. 

What is weight management?


Weight management is a method of developing better health and wellness through good nutrition, regular exercise, and behavior changes. 


When might I need weight management coaching?


You might need weight management coaching if you want to lose weight and prevent weight gain in the future. 


Essentially, if you’re sick and tired of the cycle of going on a diet, losing weight, and then gaining the weight back when you try to return to your regular eating habits, weight management is for you. 


Many people also use weight management coaching to manage the risk of chronic diseases, like Type 2 diabetes, or to help prevent chronic diseases from worsening. 


What does weight management coaching involve?


Weight management coaching is all about producing sustained changes. As a board-certified health coach, Leeann has specialized knowledge and skills in the areas of nutrition and behavior changes. 


She guides and supports you as you learn a new approach to health, wellness, and reaching a healthy weight. If you struggle in these areas, it’s usually because you’re not dealing with the root cause of your weight difficulties: Your regular eating habits. 


Leeann educates you about many aspects of health and wellness to help you change those bad habits and develop new ones that work for you. The mind and body are closely connected, so your weight management plan is all about making changes that benefit both.


Weight management coaching includes help with:

  • Nutrition

  • Caloric requirements

  • Macronutrient requirements

  • Food shopping

  • Menu ideas

  • Fighting cravings

  • Breaking through weight loss plateaus

  • Exercise needs

Leeann is there to listen and support you through making changes in your life. Being heard and feeling supported are powerful and can lead to dramatic results.


Leeann understands what it’s like to be overworked, stressed, and unkind to yourself. Poor eating habits often go along with those things, and Leeann was once a constant grazer with no healthy eating or weight management plan in place. 


When she started working with a health coach, it was a truly life-changing experience. She felt incredible and wanted to help others have the same experience. 


Through weight management, you can learn to view the big picture: whole-person wellness. Weight loss naturally follows. 


To learn more about weight management coaching with gentle and steady support, call Leeann Rybakov Wellness or click online scheduling now.

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