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There may be several reasons your nutrition isn’t what it should be, and lack of knowledge and time are often two of the biggest. At Leeann Rybakov Wellness in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York City, board-certified functional medicine health coach Leeann Rybakov helps you break past your barriers with personalized nutrition coaching focused on your unique needs. You can feel better, have more energy, prevent chronic illness, and be your best through nutrition coaching, so call the office or book your consultation with Leeann online now.

What does nutrition really mean?


Nutrition means nourishing your body with the proper nutrients. But nutrition is different for every person because your health needs and personal goals differ from everybody else’s. 


Although there are some general guidelines that everyone knows about, like eating plenty of veggies, many Americans find the topic of nutrition confusing and even frustrating. 


At Leeann Rybakov Wellness, board-certified coach Leeann offers personalized coaching that helps you untangle all the confusion around nutrition so you can reach your health and wellness goals. 


What can nutrition coaching do for me? 


Good nutrition improves your bodywide health, which means nutrition coaching can lead to:


  • Weight loss

  • More energy

  • Improved immune health

  • More restful sleep

  • Less digestive issues

  • Faster exercise recovery

  • Better brain health and reduced cognitive decline

  • Stronger bones


Good nutrition can also help you prevent and manage serious chronic diseases. According to the Institute for Functional Medicine®, nutritional imbalances (getting too little or too much of any nutrient) can cause or contribute to serious chronic conditions, but nutrition-based approaches can provide symptom relief or even reverse those conditions.  

One typical example of nutrition improving your health is Type 2 diabetes. By changing the way you eat and combining it with exercise and other lifestyle interventions, you can prevent Type 2 diabetes or, if you already have the disease, manage your condition and have fewer symptoms. 


What can I expect from nutrition coaching?


As your nutrition coach, Leeann takes you on a holistic nutrition journey, guiding you through making changes that benefit your body from the inside out. 


You’ll discuss your goals; for example, losing baby weight, getting better sleep, reducing chronic disease risk, or overcoming chronic fatigue, and Leeann will guide you to reach them. 


Your nutrition plan is as individual as you are. Leeann determines your caloric and macronutrient needs and then helps you choose an eating plan that’s right for you.

You’ll learn how to shop for, prepare, and portion food, how to deal with eating out, and many other aspects of nutrition, all tailored to your lifestyle, schedule, and personal needs. 


Leeann has a special talent for making nutrition make sense. She condenses all the confusing information to make it clear and helps you make lasting changes. 


Call Leeann Rybakov Wellness or click online booking today.

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