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When you have an autoimmune disorder, you need a team of dedicated experts to help you manage it and maximize your quality of life. At Leeann Rybakov Wellness, board-certified functional medicine health coach Leeann Rybakov offers compassionate and supportive coaching that can work alongside your medical care to help you get maximum results. Call the office in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York City, or use the provided scheduling feature to set up your in-person appointment or virtual visit today.

What are autoimmune disorders?


Your body’s immune system prevents viruses, bacteria, and other outside invaders from harming you. But, in people with autoimmune disorders, the immune system mistakes healthy parts of your body as dangerous. 

When the immune system attacks healthy tissue, it can cause serious damage and debilitating illness. There are more than 100 autoimmune diseases, including: 


  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Lupus

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Guillain-Barré syndrome

  • Psoriasis

  • Graves’ disease

  • Celiac Disease


Autoimmune disorder symptoms vary widely with the disease, but some common symptoms in many disorders include chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, and dizzy spells. 


Why do some people develop autoimmune disorders but not others?


The causes of autoimmune diseases aren’t definitively known. According to the National Library of Medicine, some experts believe that certain microorganisms like bacteria and viruses can cause the immune system to react abnormally, leading to autoimmune disease. 

Certain factors increase your risk of developing an autoimmune disorder. For example, nearly 80% of people with autoimmune disorders are women, and autoimmune diseases can run in families. People who have one autoimmune disease are more likely to develop another. 


How are autoimmune disorders diagnosed?


Autoimmune disorder diagnosis can be a lengthy and complicated process. Unfortunately, there’s not one single test. You may need blood tests, close symptom tracking, or possibly a tissue biopsy based on the suspected disease and what your medical care providers recommend. 


How are autoimmune disorders treated?


Your treatment plan depends on your disease, its stage, and the individualized recommendations of your medical care providers. 

People with autoimmune disorders often need a whole team on their side, including a primary care physician, a rheumatologist (physician specializing in autoimmune disorders), and others who understand the specific nature and effects of your autoimmune disorder.

As a board-certified functional medicine health coach, Leeann has in-depth knowledge of autoimmune disorders. She guides her clients towards positive life changes that help relieve symptoms, boost bodywide health, and improve quality of life. 

Your autoimmune disorder doesn’t have to hold you back from enjoying the life you deserve for a moment longer. To learn more about how health coaching can help you live your best life, reach out to the Leeann Rybakov Wellness office in Cobble Hill or click on the provided online scheduling feature now. 

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