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About 40% of Americans experienced digestive problems that disrupted their life in the last year. If belly pain, bowel issues, and other digestive problems are making your life miserable, board-certified health coach Leeann Rybakov can help at Leeann Rybakov Wellness. Call the office in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York City, or click on the online booking feature to arrange your first health coaching visit now.

What are digestive problems?


Digestive problems refer to a wide variety of issues within your gastrointestinal system (gut). Many conditions and diseases affect the gastrointestinal system, and they often cause disruptions in day-to-day activities.


Digestive problems can occur due to serious diseases, like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. But, in many other cases, people have digestive problems like cramping and bloating but don’t have a disease. 

Those cases are often due to bacterial imbalance within the digestive system, which can be highly disruptive. “Leaky gut,” in which the intestinal lining has a permeability problem, is another common reason for digestive problems.


What are the signs of digestive problems?


Digestive problems can cause symptoms including:

  • Bloating

  • Belching

  • Abdominal pain

  • Cramping

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

Other symptoms of poor gut health that may surprise you. Chronic fatigue is common in people with poor gut health, as are food sensitivities, headaches, weight gain, and many other issues.


How can health coaching help with my digestive problems?

Health coaching can help you:


Understand your digestive problems


Many factors can contribute to your digestive health, and understanding those factors is the first step in overcoming digestive problems. Through coaching, Leeann helps you better understand your body and find the true root causes of your digestive health problems.


Change your behaviors


Changing your behaviors can play a significant role in healing your gut and managing your digestive health better. Leeann helps you understand how nutrition, exercise, stress management, probiotics, and other factors improve digestive health. She develops a personalized plan to help you heal your gut, and she supports you every step along the way. 


Get lasting results


Many people make changes and then return to their old habits, such as crash diets. With digestive health coaching, Leeann focuses on long-term change. Health coaching isn’t meant to be a quick fix; it’s more of a path to true sustainable change. You’ll get powerful tools to make lasting changes, and coaching provides accountability to ensure you succeed long-term. 

Leeann understands the complexities of gut health. She has dedicated her life to helping her clients understand their bodies and overcome limitations through health coaching, and she has successfully guided many clients to a healthier gut and happier life. Call Leeann Rybakov Wellness or book your first coaching session online now. 

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