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I worked with Leeann for about 5 months and, in that short period to time, I was able to accomplish personal goals that had been elusive up to that point. Leeann offered a collaborative approach; one that allowed me to identify what would work best for me. Through Leeann’s guidance and motivation, I was able to incorporate big, and small changes that are having a very positive impact on my day to day life. Our time together was meaningful, purposeful and beautiful. I am forever grateful. Thank you Leeann!

Lisa H

In February I had had it with my chronic sinus infections and before going through another sinus surgery, I figured I would try a different route.  Leeann took comprehensive notes and had me do a full week long food diary to completely analyze my diet and where I could add foods to help with my infections.  After adding lots of anti-inflammatory foods and other little tidbits here and there, I can say that my scheduled surgery has been cancelled!  I'll still keep a close eye on my sinuses but my ENT said everything looks great and there is no need for surgery at this time.  Before meeting with Leeann Rybakov Wellness I wouldn't have gone more than 3-4 weeks without antibiotics and since then, I was able to achieve a six month stretch antibiotic free!  This amazing woman knows her stuff and is there to do everything and anything she can to help you feel your best.  Whenever there's a hiccup in my routine or symptoms, I quickly check in and Leeann immediately gets me back on track.  I HIGHLY recommend seeking her out to start living your best life! Thank you so much Leeann!

Amy H.

I’ve known Leeann for many years both professionally and personally.  Her dedication to her craft is unparalleled. The amount of research she puts into knowing everything from my bloodwork to how my medications interact with foods. How my emotions play a part in my habits. She completely changed my view of food and how I treat myself mentally and physically the relationship to me and my body. I went from constantly tired and irritable to bright and healthy in mere weeks. I lost 14 lbs in 2 months and formed healthy habits that have stuck with me. Her coaching method allowed me to feel comfortable and not judged. Well worth every second spent. I value her input and knowledge and her pancakes are freaking amazing!!!! 

Lisa P.

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